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World's Longest Belt Warranty*

DuraBelt will replace or repair, at our option, any of our belts that are defective in materials or workmanship, or break at the weld within 10 years of shipment, provided the belts have been used in accordance with DuraBelt's instructions and specifications.  Material defects would be tolerance violations or bubbles in the cord. Chemical formulation and processing defects are very rare because material with such defectives will not extrude or weld satisfactorly.  Moreover, belts made from it would fail within the first few weeks of usage.  Unworn belts will be replaced or repaired free of charge, but replacement of worn belts may entail a pro-rata charge for wearand tear.  To initiate a claim purchaser must return a sample of the defective belt(s) for inspection to Dura-Belt at the address on our home page.   DuraBelt shall not be liable for installation or shipping charges.  This warranty does not cover breakage caused by abuse, abrasion, corrosion, alteration, accident, misuse, neglect, acts of God, wear and tear, or belts not welded by DuraBelt.  This warranty is made exclusively between DuraBelt Inc. and the End-Users of its products.  ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING ANY WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE, ARE EXPRESSLY EXCLUDED.  DURABELT ASSUMES NO LIABILITY FOR DIRECT OR INDIRECT DAMAGES, LOST PROFITS, OR ANY CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES.

Before making a substantial purchase, users should test a number of prototype belts under the same conditions in which the belts will be expected to operate.

*To the best of our knowledge, as of February 2012, our warranty is the world's longest definite duration warranty for elastic urethane belting. If any bona fide competitor should ever publish a reasonable warranty with the same or longer duration, we will match their duration, plus 1 year.

Lifetime Belt Warranty

We think so-called "Lifetime Belt Warranties" are deceptive. First of all, they are not for your lifetime, but rather for the belt's lifetime. This implies that you and the seller must agree that the belt’s lifespan has not been exceeded. Secondly, lifetime warranties require "proof" that a belt or cord was defective when furnished -- something that is difficult, if not impossible to do.

With our warranty (above) you do not have to argue about the belt’s lifespan or prove anything . If our belt joint breaks within 10 years, and the belt has not been abused, we will replace or refund it via our World’s Longest Belt Warranty. No haggling; no proving!

Nevertheless, a lifetime warranty sounds very impressive. Moreover, we are so certain of the superiority of our belts that we will match any warranty from any bona fide competitor. Therefore, we match the following Lifetime Warranty (into which we have substituted our name).

DuraBelt Inc. hereby warrants its belts and cord to be free from defects in materials, manufacture and workmanship for the lifetime of the belt or cord. DuraBelt Inc. agrees to furnish the purchaser without charge, F.O.B. 3119 Scioto Darby Executive. Ct,. Hilliard OH 43026 USA, any belt or cord fabricated by DuraBelt Inc. proven to be defective, provided the purchaser gives DuraBelt Inc. immediate notice in writing and our examination proves the claim that such materials or parts were defective when furnished. Purchaser must also return a sample of the defective belt(s) for inspection to Dura-Belt at the address on our home page.  Other than the above, there are no warranties which extend beyond the description on the face hereof. Consequential damages of any sort are wholly excluded.

The liability of DuraBelt, Inc. will be limited to the replacement of any defective part. All installation costs relative to any warranted part will be at the expense of the purchaser.

The warranties specified above do not cover, and DuraBelt Inc. makes no warranties which extend to, damage to these products due to deterioration or wear occasioned by chemicals, abrasion or corrosion; purchaser's misapplication, abuse, alteration, belt welds, operation or maintenance; abnormal conditions of temperature or dirt; or use of the belt or cord in an otherwise improper manner.


"The Best Belt Warranty"

Since we give you a choice of multiple warranties, we believe this makes our warranty "The Best Belt Warranty".

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