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Belt Doctor (Dr. Belt)

Jim Hammond is a physicist, who sometimes talks like a physician. "Most of my patients are certain they have a belt problem, but experience has taught me that a properly designed, correctly installed, quality belt is rarely the problem; rather it is a symptom of the problem. The belt is the softest part of a mechanical system, so it is almost always the first thing to fail when something malfunctions. I am like a pathologist, who starts with an autopsy of a deceased belt and works backward to find the cause of death."

If you have a pesky "belt problem", contact Doctor Jim for free technical assistance, and let the Belt Doctor help you find the cure.


Belt Hotline: 800-770-2358 or 614-777-0295
Emergency Cell: 614-832-7260
Technical Help Dept.

Jim Hammond, Belt Doctor
Jim Hammond, Belt Doctor

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