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Dura-Belt Belting Materials
(Specification, Spec Sheet, Data Sheet)
Belting Materials* Durometer Characteristics
Cyclothane-A (Standard TPU) 70A 80A 83A 88A 92A 95A Food grade (FDA**), excellent oil and abrasion resistance.
Cyclothane-B (High Tension TPU) 85A Long Life, Hi-Tension (20% stretch), Food grade (FDA**)
Cyclothane-E (All weather TPU) 85A 90A Food grade (FDA** & NSF), humidity & mold resistant; UV stabilized
Cyclothane-SD (Anti-static TPU) 90A Static dissipative, not food grade
Low-Temp urethane (TPU) 85A Works down to -10°F., good abrasion resistance, Food grade (FDA**)
Matte or rough surface - Green TPU 88A, 90A Low friction, green surface.
Anti-vibration Blue or Red TPU 85A Runs on bare, misaligned shafts; stays in pulleys.
Reinforced with Polyester Cord 83A 87A 90A 95A 100A Urethane reinforced with polyester.
Polyester (Hytrel®) 92A 100A 53D Low temp -40°F., harsh chemical resistant, FDA 1590 dry food only.
PVC cord 55A 70A 80A Brake belts, Postal paper grabbing and counting belts.
Urethane (TPU) Jacket 83A 95A High abrasion resistance, food grade, 30° to 250° F.
PVC Jacket 70A Acid or base (alkali) environment
Metal detectable urethane & copper 83A 90A Food grade urethane, detectable by metal detectors

*Cyclothane-A, -B, -E and -SD are Dura-Belt’s trade names for types of thermoplastic polyurethane (also called TPU, PU, or urethane). Unless otherwise indicated, all our belting is made from thermoplastic polyurethane.

**FDA 1680 dry bulk food only, and FDA 2600. Click here for our Food Grade FDA Certification Statement.

For flat belt material data click here: Flat Belt Data Sheet

RoHs, RoHs 2, REACH Compliance, Proposition 65 certificate: Based on RoHS compliance certificates received from our suppliers, Dura-Belt, Inc. certifies that all our polyurethane, polyester, and PVC belting materials are compliant with EU Directive 2002/95 – Restriction of Hazardous Substances. Click here for our RoHS and REACH Compliant, Proposition 65 certificate.

MSDS Sheet:Click here for our Material Safety Data Sheet for urethane.

Before making a substantial purchase, users should test a number of prototype belts under the same conditions in which the belts will be expected to operate.

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