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Connectable Twin V-Belt
with Fin Cleats

Twin V Fin Belt
Dillin's Side Metering Fin Belt

Fin Belt
Dillin's Overhead Metering Fin Belt
Some people call this the “famous fin belt”.  Its fins or cleats flex over a million times per month, catching fast moving containers and thrusting them into cartons.  Perhaps it became “famous” because many companies tried to prevent the fins or cleats from breaking off at the weld, but only one company succeeded, DuraBelt.  We quickly developed the technology to apply our Super-Strong Welds to angular jointed cleats.  We also made the belts easily connectable with alligator lacing, so they can be replaced with minimal downtime.

Connectible Twin-V Fin Belt
Connectable Twin-V Fin Belt

This is a proprietary belt made for Dillin Engineered Systems Corp, who owns the tooling, so we cannot sell it without their permission, but we can attach fins or cleats to any belt, whatever your design. Kindly email your drawing to us.

More Super Strong Weld Joints

Here is an example of yellow urethane rods (cleats) fused to the belt surface with our super strong weld joints (splices) -- virtually unbreakable.

Rod Cleats Fused with Super Strong Weld Joints
Rod Cleats Fused with Super Strong Weld Joints
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